Let’s cook a HelloFresh meal

Welcome to Sarura Kids cooking show!Today your hostesses are Ruva and Nyasha. They are joined by their sous chef “Mommy” who is a dab hand with the knife.Ruva and Nyasha want to show you that kids can cook, and they are always on the hunt for quick easy meals for kids so they can share… Continue reading Let’s cook a HelloFresh meal

Dairiboard inspired eggless icecream cake

Who loves icecream cake? We do! We love to “bake”! And today we are “baking” an eggless strawberry ice cream cakeDid you know that cooking, or following a recipe, is one of the easiest ways to learn Maths for toddlers?Following the recipe, measuring together, learning the different units, and learning the process and timings involved.… Continue reading Dairiboard inspired eggless icecream cake

Making Zimbabwean jumbo doughnuts

When Mai Ano was growing up she used to love this treat called jumbo doughnuts. In Harare they were known as ‘ma jumbo’ – meaning the jumbos.They were such an amazing treat and all the kids really looked forward to shopping trips or times they had to travel from Mbare on the bus. They were… Continue reading Making Zimbabwean jumbo doughnuts

How to make cornbread

It’s time to make cornbread with Sarura Kids today!Gogo Alice has a special recipe from when she was a young girl. She loves this bread and you will too.Ano and Vongai are in the kitchen helping Gogo today. Our little chefs are busy and dressed the part. Ano is doing a great job of counting… Continue reading How to make cornbread

How to make banana bread

You’ve simply got to try this simple step by step recipe for making the most delicious moist banana bread!Ruva and Nyasha are learning in this perfectly simple recipe which is great for beginners or otherwise. Very simple ingredients and method. If you don’t have the hand mixer they are using then you can use a… Continue reading How to make banana bread