Ngano or Shona fairytales

Ngano or Shona stories or fairytales are a wonderful way to learn about the world around us.

Ngano are a mainstay in Zimbabwean culture.
This age-old tradition is a core part of the social makeup of Zimbabwean upbringing. Ngano are often told to children by grownups or amongst themselves. Ngano can also be used to illustrate a point to grownups by the elders.

They are truly a wonderful part of the social makeup of Zimbabwe.

They can be fantastical and mystical, speaking of talking creatures that act and think like human beings. Or ngano can be sombre and thoughtful, bearing warnings to all that must not be ignored. Sometimes they can be frightening and have dark warnings to heed so one does not fall into the same ill fate as others before them.

However you will come across them, we hope that you pay attention to the magic that they weave around you. This rich tapestry of intrigue and mystery is as much Zimbabwean as sadza itself.

Storytelling is as serious as it is playful, and we are proud to be able to share our stories or ngano with you.

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