Shona kids songs

baa baa hwai baa baa black sheep

Let’s sing Shona kids songs together

Here you will find Shona kids songs that we have on our Youtube channel.

When we sing we experience the world in a different way. Music awakens the brain in a different way. So why not reminisce with us about the songs that have passed down the generations?

Or maybe you will learn a new song along with us.

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Are you sleeping? Are you sleeping? Ano… Ano… Morning bells are ringing Morning bells are ringing Ding ding …

We post regular Shona language videos for kids on our Youtube channel.

We make family friendly content that is suitable for the little ones as well as grownups.

We appreciate that it is sometimes not just the kids who are learning Shona, but the grownups as well. So where possible we will add subtitles to our videos. If you see “subtitles” under a video on our channel then you can enable subtitles for subtitles by a native Shona speaker. That means where metaphors or proverbs are used for example you will get the meaning translated, and not just a literal translation.

We are always aiming to make it easier for you to reconnect with Shona, or discover Shona for the first time in your life.

We believe that language is a beautiful thing that should be preserved at all costs and shared with the whole world. So our Youtube channel will grow with tonnes of content for you to enjoy and hopefully learn together with us.

Our language is our heritage, and we owe it to ourselves to nurture its growth.

Where words fail music speaks.”

Hans Christian Andersen
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