Easter egg hunt throwback

Easter greetings to everyone!Look what we just discovered…Hidden in our videos listLast year’s Easter egg hunt!We forgot to release it so we are sharing it with you this year insteadHaven’t the girls changed loads since then?What hasn’t changed though is the enthusiasm for the Easter egg hunt.How are you spending your Easter this year? Easter… Continue reading Easter egg hunt throwback

How to make a Chinese Lantern with Young Kids

Want to learn how to make a Chinese lantern with young kids? Then you’ve come to the right place!Ano and Vongai have been making paper lanterns at nursery and we wanted to make a super easy 5 minute craft together.This one doesn’t use any glue and is super easy for the whole family.All you need… Continue reading How to make a Chinese Lantern with Young Kids

Let’s cook a HelloFresh meal

Welcome to Sarura Kids cooking show!Today your hostesses are Ruva and Nyasha. They are joined by their sous chef “Mommy” who is a dab hand with the knife.Ruva and Nyasha want to show you that kids can cook, and they are always on the hunt for quick easy meals for kids so they can share… Continue reading Let’s cook a HelloFresh meal

Maths brain tickler

Are you smarter than Ruva?Take this Maths brain tickler and find out 😍 Maths brain tickler with Ruva If you enjoyed this video and would like to watch more cheap or free STEM activities to try out with your little one check out our Youtube playlist now. We also have more free or cheap STEM activities posts on… Continue reading Maths brain tickler

Threading bracelet practice for kids

Your 3 year old might enjoy this threading bracelet exercise.Around the age of three your little one will have developed much improved fine motor skills. They are ready to start exploring activities with smaller objects such as threading things, assembling small items, and other activities that challenge their fine motor skills. What other activities do… Continue reading Threading bracelet practice for kids

Let’s make a pom pom rainbow

Let’s make a pom pom rainbow together today. We love art projects for a great number of reasons.Not least because they improve gross and fine motor skills. But also because they are a great way to learn the different colours of the rainbow. Today we explore the different colours of the rainbow with Ano and… Continue reading Let’s make a pom pom rainbow

Energy transfer for kids

Today we are explaining energy transfer for kids using marbles. These are just some of our fun marble experiments for kids that prove a hit over and over again.As always make sure you supervise children whenever you are conducting activities like this. Ano and Vongai both love these experiments. Can you guess what will happen… Continue reading Energy transfer for kids

Learning about rolling friction with marbles

We love learning about rolling friction with marbles! How much fun can you have with marbles you wonder?Lots and lots!Want to learn what friction can be reduced by?Looking for a rolling friction experiment which is just right for kids science? Ano was curious about marbles so we got some and decided to put them to… Continue reading Learning about rolling friction with marbles

Mixing colours for toddlers

Today we are mixing colours with Ano and Vongai. We wanted to find out what happens when you combine colors to make different colours. We will be mixing primary colors. There are three primary colours – red, yellow, and blue. They are called primary colors because they cannot be made by mixing any other colours.… Continue reading Mixing colours for toddlers