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Welcome to Sarura Kids website, your home online for learning the Shona language from Zimbabwe. To learn more about the different clans and tribes of Zimbabwe check this page out.

We also explore STEM activities for kids under the age of seven. You will find free activities that you can do at home as well as toy reviews and experience opportunities to help your little one flourish.

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You can find our videos on our Youtube channel Sarura Kids.

We have a wide variety of content on the channel and it is created by our many kids and their grownups who welcome you to learn Shona with them. Check out one of our videos below:

No matter where in the world you are we want you to feel at home with Sarura Kids and feel more connected to Zimbabwe.

We also understand that you want to give your little ones the best start in life possible, so we curate and review STEM activities and toys right here for you. We want to demystify what STEM is and make it simple and applicable to everyone. Every one can learn STEM themed activities in even the simplest activities, and we believe that understanding is the first step to encouraging curiosity and enthusiasm in young minds. And you will find lots of free STEM activities for kids that require little more than your imagination and a bit of time.

We love to hear your feedback and contributions to our website as well as the videos that we create. We want to make our content as inclusive and relevant to you as we possibly can. 

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