Dairiboard inspired eggless icecream cake

dairiboard eggless icecream cake

Who loves icecream cake?

We do! We love to “bake”! And today we are “baking” an eggless strawberry ice cream cake
Did you know that cooking, or following a recipe, is one of the easiest ways to learn Maths for toddlers?
Following the recipe, measuring together, learning the different units, and learning the process and timings involved. All brilliant ways to get the kids involved and learning while having fun!
Our little chefs love to talk through recipes, and this one is a throwback from mommy’s childhood.
In Zimbabwe in the 90s Dairiboard used to make the most amazing ice cream cakes for birthdays and parties.
Mom used to love them!
So when she found the recipe for a strawberry ice cream cake we just had to try it out 😍
This ice cream cake is made WITHOUT

  • an ice cream maker
  • any eggs
  • a cake base

Its super creamy and rich though so a little goes a very long way.

Why not try it out for your next family (outdoors) get together? It freezes really well before the fruit decorations and is an instant hit with the kids.

Full recipe is from this book :


Let’s make an eggless ice cream cake! | Dairiboard inspired

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