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A Guide to resources

Our resources list covers STEM resources as well as resources around Zimbabwe and Shona.

We are not affiliated with and do not endorse any of these links. We just found interesting pages around the internet and if you find them useful please make use of them.

How best to use the resources list

Welcome to our resources list page. This is a useful page if you are interested in learning more about the fields our website covers.

We have separated our resources lists into two separate lists because they are so different.

They are separated as such:

  • Zimbabwe and Shona language learning resources
  • STEM learning for kids

These are not sites that we own or endorse in any way. They are simply sites that we found on our travels. If you find them useful please make use of them.

Always make a point to check the privacy policy of a website when you visit it. Keep your information online safe.

Zimbabwe & Shona language

learn about zimbabwe and the shona language

A look at some sites about Zimbabwe. Sites are hosted all over the world but some sites will be by Zimbabweans.

Covering culture, history, common interest topics, language learning, social communities.

STEM learning for kids

stem resources list

Exploring STEM resources and learning resources for families with kids under the age of seven.

Covering educational resources and guides, play ideas, communities and social support in person or online.

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