VaDununu vanoenda kunovhima

VaDununu vanoenda kunovhima. Asi vachadzoka here nemhuka? VaDununu is a lazy man who doesn’t like hard work. So when his wife asks him to go hunting for some game he tries to think of the easiest solution that will benefit him more than anyone else.Without much experience, he decides that he will head off into… Continue reading VaDununu vanoenda kunovhima

Ngano – VaSvinurai nemudzimai wavo

VaSvinurai nemudzimai wavo is a funny little ngano about the power of imagination and how it can build hope and ambition, but equally can cause conflict and disagreement. A man and his wife are fed up of not being able to farm and get some yield from their hard work. Since they are too poor… Continue reading Ngano – VaSvinurai nemudzimai wavo

Ngano – Mombe Dzerondo

Mombe dzerondo – or earth cattle. This describes figurines made from earth. Heed the message in this ngano well children. Mombe dzerondo teaches us that it is always important to hear the whole story before we jump to conclusions. It is also equally important to ask when we are not sure what something means.Misunderstanding something… Continue reading Ngano – Mombe Dzerondo

Ngano – Kukwira Gomo Hupoterera

Kukwira gomo hupoterera.This is a Shona proverb that teaches us the value of taking things slow. Slow and steady wins the race.Sometimes the quickest way to the goal is the slow way around.In today’s ngano the Tagarisana’s first born son is keen to get into doing business for himself. He tries everything that he can… Continue reading Ngano – Kukwira Gomo Hupoterera

Ngano – Mhembwe na Svosve

Huyai vazukuru va Gogo munzwe ngano yanhasi. Ngano yanhasi ndeya Mhembwe na Svosve. Nhasi tichadzidzira chidzidzo chakakosha, chekuti munokwanisa kubatsira chero muri vadiki. In today’s ngano Gogo tells us about the Duiker and the Ant. When Duiker rescues Ant, Ant vows to repay this great kindness. Duiker thinks nothing of it, after all Ant is… Continue reading Ngano – Mhembwe na Svosve

Ngano – Kubatwa Kwakaitwa Shumba

Kubatwa kwakaitwa Shumba. Shumba is up to no good, and in today’s Shona story time Gogo Alice tells the tale of villagers trying to figure out who was stealing their livestock. What they discovered was a shock that they had not bargained for. Stories are also a good way of teaching life lessons in a… Continue reading Ngano – Kubatwa Kwakaitwa Shumba

Ngano – Sei Zizi achifamba madeko chete?

Sei Zizi achifamba madeko chete?Why does Owl only travel at night?Join us in today’s Shona story time and learn the tale of Zizi and why he only travels at night. A long time ago Zizi used to travel during the day like many of the other birds.He had a crafty plan to get the other… Continue reading Ngano – Sei Zizi achifamba madeko chete?