Ngano – Sei Zizi achifamba madeko chete?

gogo alice ngano sei zizi achifamba madeko chete

Sei Zizi achifamba madeko chete?
Why does Owl only travel at night?
Join us in today’s Shona story time and learn the tale of Zizi and why he only travels at night.

A long time ago Zizi used to travel during the day like many of the other birds.
He had a crafty plan to get the other birds to do his bidding. So he fooled them all into gathering food for him.
Find out what happened to Zizi and whether his plan worked.

Birds you will hear mentioned in the video:
Njiva – dove
Nhengure – fork tailed drongo
Kondo – hammerhead wading bird
Mhou – ostrich
Siisii – leasowe bird

Stories are also a good way of teaching life lessons in a fun way. They are creative and can be tweaked to suit the child who is listening to them. Try telling your kids a story today and see if they can relate it to their world!

Ngano | Sei Zizi achifamba madeko chete? | Shona story time

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