Ngano – Murimi ne Tsuro

murimi ne tsuro

Murimi ne Tsuro havawirirane.
The Farmer and the Rabbit do not get along at all. Find out why in this colourful Shona folktale brought to you by Gogo Alice and Sarura Kids.
The naughty Rabbit is always looking for shortcuts to getting what he wants. So when he discovers a new patch of farmland full of all the crops he could possibly eat he can’t believe his luck.

It seems too good to be true. And that’s because it is. The Farmer is not pleased with whoever is stealing his crops so he sets a trap to teach the naughty thief a lesson.

Here are some words you will find in this video. You can read along and say them out loud with Gogo to help you speak Shona faster.

Murimi – farmer
Goho – plentiful crop yield
Gombo – new farm land that has never been cultivated
Apisa nzvimbo iyoyo – burnt the place (the farmland)
Gejo – plough
Rukweza – finger millet
Zvaiyevedza – admirable/pleasing
Kuyemura – admired
Tsuro – rabbit/hare
Hura re rukweza – the head of the millet plant which contains the seeds
Ndisosere munda – I will soak/cover the farm land
Pamukova padiki diki – a very small entrance/ entry point
Sanzu – logs that have been felled as well as their branches
Sadza nenyama – sadza (mealie pap) and meat
Kutenderera – going round
Dheerera – bully
Tsime – well
Chibhakera – fist
Namira – stuck
Gumbo rerudyi – right leg
Gumbo re ruboshwe – left leg
Rembera – hanging from something
Mwana musikana – girl child, namely daughter
Tswanda – woven basket made of interwoven flexible materials
Shamwari yavo – his friend
Jongwe hombe – big cockerel
Pfumbu – gray

Stories are also a good way of teaching life lessons in a fun way. They are creative and can be tweaked to suit the child who is listening to them. Try telling your kids a story today and see if they can relate it to their world!

Ngano | Murimi ne Tsuro | Shona Storytime

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