Ngano – VaSvinurai nemudzimai wavo

vasvinurai nemudzimai wavo

VaSvinurai nemudzimai wavo is a funny little ngano about the power of imagination and how it can build hope and ambition, but equally can cause conflict and disagreement.

A man and his wife are fed up of not being able to farm and get some yield from their hard work. Since they are too poor to own any cattle to help with the farming, they have to wait until their neighbours can lend them the use of their own cattle. This means that very often they have little crop to harvest as they only manage to harvest later on in the season.

So they devise a plan to grow their productivity from not a lot to a bountiful yield that will be the envy of the neighbourhood. So wrapped up are they in their fantasy that they lose sight of reality and end up in a disagreement! Oh dear! How will these two solve this unnecessary disagreement? Find out in this funny little tale of imagination and disappointment.

Stories are also a good way of teaching life lessons in a fun way. They are creative and can be tweaked to suit the child who is listening to them. Try telling your kids a story today and see if they can relate it to their world!

Ngano | VaSvinurai nemudzimai wavo | Shona Storytime

Here are some words you will find in this video. You can read along and say them out loud with Gogo to help you speak Shona faster.

VaSvinurai – the husband in the story
Mudzimai wavo – his wife
Mumvuri – shade
Chirimo – Spring season, when traditionally people plant crops
nyaya dzekurima – matters to do with farming
mombe mudanga – cattle in their cattle enclosure/kraal
musi we Chisi – the day of Chisi. Chisi is also known as Mahakurimwe meaning a day where no farming should take place. It was traditionally a holy day observed by the Shona people every week or at different points in the year where farming or any work in the fields was strictly forbidden.
Goho – yield
Sahwira- best friend
timba nebadza – till the land with a hoe
zvirimwa zvakawanda – plenty of crops
tsiru – heifer, or female cow that has not yet had any calves
nharaunda – community
dzikamisai hana – calm down
shungu dzenyu itai shoma – do not stress too much

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