Ngano – Mombe Dzerondo

mombe dzerondo ngano

Mombe dzerondo – or earth cattle. This describes figurines made from earth.

Heed the message in this ngano well children. Mombe dzerondo teaches us that it is always important to hear the whole story before we jump to conclusions. It is also equally important to ask when we are not sure what something means.
Misunderstanding something and then acting hastily leads to problems that can be easily reversed.
In today’s ngano some friends go out to herd the cattle. While they are out there they decide to make some cattle sculptures. They decide to play an action game with their new toys. But when the play gets too rough and one of the figurines is broken a miscommunication requires the whole village to intervene.

Stories are also a good way of teaching life lessons in a fun way. They are creative and can be tweaked to suit the child who is listening to them. Try telling your kids a story today and see if they can relate it to their world!

Ngano | Mombe Dzerondo | Shona Storytime

Here are some words you will find in this video. You can read along and say them out loud with Gogo to help you speak Shona faster.

mombe dzerondo – cattle made of sand/dirt
mombe – cow or cattle
rondo – earth or dirt that is used for making things such as traditional earthenware pots
kubva zera – just entering the era of manhood
kufudza mombe – herding cattle
kokorodza – gather or collect
mafuriro – pastures
gwenga – area with sparse vegetation/desert
mahumbwe – any number of child’s games, from pretend play to messy play
kuumba mombe – making small figurines/statues that represent cattle
jongwasi –
pfumbu – grey in colour
mavara makamba matema nemachena – black and white colour patches
mavara – colours
makamba – patches
matema – black
machena – white
dzizowoma – so they could dry off
mbuva – lunch or meal that you carry to eat later
mombe dzedu dzirwe – our cows should fight
pfupfunyuka – crumbling
pwanyiwa – crushed or destroyed
kuchema – crying
pfundumwa – sulking
Sabhuku – chief of the community
Machinda – men associated with someone/colleagues/companions
Kokorodza – gather or collect
Mhosva – misdeed
Imwe chete – one each
Mombe nomwe – seven cattle

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