Learning about rolling friction with marbles

Learning about rolling friction with marbles

We love learning about rolling friction with marbles!

How much fun can you have with marbles you wonder?
Lots and lots!
Want to learn what friction can be reduced by?
Looking for a rolling friction experiment which is just right for kids science?

Ano was curious about marbles so we got some and decided to put them to the test.
We want to learn how friction works.
This is a really easy science experiment for kids. It does need a grownup to supervise because marbles are a choking hazard.
All you will need is a smooth flat bowl and a marble. You will also need different materials to line the base of your bowl. We use a baking tray. But you can use a flan dish, the bottom of a cheesecake or dessert packaging. Just anything round with a flat bottom will do.
Scientists Ano and Vongai test different surfaces in this superfun experiment.

Follow along.

Which surface do you think offers the least resistance for the marble?

Learning about rolling friction with marbles

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