Dinosaur fun!

dinosaur fun

Ano and Vongai are absolutely in love with this Awesome Animales Discover Dinosaurs Tub. Ano is three years old and Vongai is one and a half. They are really getting into pretend play and this video happened naturally. It was so much fun!

We love this set so much we are going to make a “movie” based on this pretend play today. Seeing as Ano and Vongai are so convincing as giants in dinosaur land they have come up with a story which we will share with you shortly. Make sure to subscribe to our channel so you get notified once it’s live.

In the meantime please do enjoy this fun wacky video. Momma still has to learn the names of all the dinosaurs so we can discover them together.

You can find this dinosaur tub here:
Awesome Animals
Discover Dinosaurs Tub

Pretend play dinosaur fun with Ano (3) and Vongai (1.5)

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