Lockdown Life Hacks: Our toy parade

As life slides back and forth between one local lockdown to another it’s really important to find some routine and also entertain the kids.We love the toy parade as one of the kids games to play at home, and better yet it’s free!You can use whatever toys you have lying around the house.You will need:Sellotape… Continue reading Lockdown Life Hacks: Our toy parade

Magic Painting Art for Kids

Magic painting art… This is one of those great kids activities that you can do with kids of all ages. If you are going to stay at home this is one that will wow the kids each and every time!Just a little bit of preparation is needed before you start this activity but once you… Continue reading Magic Painting Art for Kids

Feeding googly eyes man

Remember Lockdown Life Hacks: Recycled Crafts Ideas for Kidshttps://buff.ly/2Ea3ONk ?One of the things we made was a googly eyes man bottleThis is one of our plastic bottle craft ideas that is quick and easy to put together.He is fantastic for storing little toys and bits that Ano and Vongai love to play with. You can… Continue reading Feeding googly eyes man

Bouncy egg experiment for toddlers

Bouncy egg experiment It’s fair to say the girls loved the bouncy egg experiment. You can see in our video below. There are few greater pleasures in life than discovering that the everyday can be magical. Aside from the egg and the vinegar this experiment is completely free. Just ingredients you will find in your… Continue reading Bouncy egg experiment for toddlers

How to make oobleck

Today we are learning about oobleckWe want to know if oobleck is a solid or a liquid?Ano loves this game. Mommy makes her the oobleck and swirls it about a bit. She tries to pick it up and only just manages to do so for a moment. Then it turns back to liquid again in… Continue reading How to make oobleck

Learning colours with Sarura Kids

Ano is loving pretend play lately! She loves toys and colours, and lately we are trying to learn about colours in different ways. There are so many fun things to discover and she loves every moment of it!Today we pulled out one of her favourite party in a box sets – a Play doh 45… Continue reading Learning colours with Sarura Kids

Montessori sensory play with Ano

Montessori sensory play is easy and fun to achieve. We were spending the afternoon in so Ano had a fun time out doing pretend play at the beach.Beach sand made for under £5. You can find the video of how to make the sand here:(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hTasJ1G7Ao)Don’t worry the sand is great and washes out super easily!It… Continue reading Montessori sensory play with Ano