Satisfying slime play

Slime is one of our favourite non-Newtonian fluids. We made the base slime mix with Elmers glue and slime activator.The result is one gloopy fantastic slime ready for things to be thrown into it. Ano and Vongai chose crunchy beads, sparkly glitter, and fluffy balls.Slime play is tonnes of fun! Come and have fun with… Continue reading Satisfying slime play

Balloon chase fun

Are you looking for cheap STEM activities for toddlers at home?This balloon chase can give you endless family fun for everyone and it only takes a few things (and a bit of creativity) to pull it together.Ano was 2 years old and Vongai was a year old at the time of recording. They help with… Continue reading Balloon chase fun

How to make a lava lamp

Come join Ano and Vongai as they learn how to make a lava lamp using simple ingredients that you can find in the kitchen cupboard.So easy even a baby can supervise it! haha Have fun creating! How to make a lava lamp with Sarura Kids If you enjoyed this video and would like to watch… Continue reading How to make a lava lamp

How to make a plastic pattern painting

It’s so easy to have hours of fun with this plastic pattern painting project.These crafts for kids are easy and are a hit with kids of any age.Ruva and Ano both enjoy painting and filling in the spaces on their paintings.We used old cereal boxes because they are stronger.A little preparation is needed before you… Continue reading How to make a plastic pattern painting

Fun experiments: gravity drop

Let’s learn about gravity the Sarura Kids way!Today we’re going to discover how gravity can make some things move faster than others and why.Come and have fun with Ruva Nyasha and Ano 😍😍😍 Fun experiments: gravity drop If you enjoyed this video and would like to watch more cheap or free STEM activities to try… Continue reading Fun experiments: gravity drop

Mud kitchen fun with Ano and Vongai

Mud kitchen fun with Ano and Vongai Time for some mud kitchen fun with Ano and Vongai! Ngati muendesei kunotamba mumadhaka.” In Shona we have a saying that is similar to the one above. The one above means we should take him/her to play in the mud. Meaning quite literally taking the child to have… Continue reading Mud kitchen fun with Ano and Vongai

A very super play doh day!

Ruva Nyasha and Ano are in a creative mood today as they make some fantastic play doh creations.Look out for some of our favourite charactersWe made Peppa and George PigWhyatt from Super WhySupermanAnd our very own unique from Ruva creation – Sandwich Princess! Do you love making things out of Play Doh too? We’d love… Continue reading A very super play doh day!

Big painting

Ano and Vongai have their artistic skills on top notch today as they get the paint sets out!Come and join us as we do big painting in our kitchen.Grownups this is a great way to get the little ones painting or drawing using durable cardboard boxes. This is one of those great recycled crafts that… Continue reading Big painting

Edible paint for babies

This is a great video if you have a little one around and you just don’t know what to give them when it comes to painting day.If you have struggled to find edible paint for babies there is a reason for that… it’s impossible to find something non-toxic that says as much on the package.… Continue reading Edible paint for babies