Montessori sensory play with Ano

montessori sensory play with ano

Montessori sensory play is easy and fun to achieve.

We were spending the afternoon in so Ano had a fun time out doing pretend play at the beach.
Beach sand made for under £5. You can find the video of how to make the sand here:
Don’t worry the sand is great and washes out super easily!
It keeps for about 3 days so you can save it for another playtime.

This is one of those great Montessori sensorial activities that you can enjoy for hours and hours!
If it’s too miserable to get to the beach just get some of this fun beach sand and pretend play that you’re at the beach!
My advice though… you might want to do this just before bath time…

Montessori sensorial activities | Pretend play at the beach with Ano

Montessori sensory play can be as diverse as you want them to be. A guiding principle of the Montessori approach is to be inspired by what is around you. Sometimes it really is just about thinking slightly outside the box. It makes it exciting to see what you can upcycle, recycle, and reuse from the world around you. What things do you have lying around that could have a different use?

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