How to make oobleck

how to make oobleck

Today we are learning about oobleck
We want to know if oobleck is a solid or a liquid?
Ano loves this game. Mommy makes her the oobleck and swirls it about a bit. She tries to pick it up and only just manages to do so for a moment. Then it turns back to liquid again in her hands.

This is a great sensory play activity for toddlers. Little ones really get into this especially because it’s a mix of liquid play but also solid enough that they try to form things from it. Moms and dads will also really enjoy it. It’s strangely satisfying and you could play with it for ages.

You probably have all you need to make this in your kitchen right now. Just cornflour and water and you’re on your way. When you need an hour you can simply make this and leave your little one to explore. Ano can easily play with this for over an hour.
Take care with babies. Vongai likes to eat everything. And oobleck is not great in huge quantities on little tummies.

But look… here’s how to make an edible oobleck alternative that’s also great for sensory play. And it’s made from maizemeal so your baby will get a filling treat at a fraction of the cost.

Porridge paint pots

How to make oobleck | Is oobleck a solid or a liquid?

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