How to make a plastic pattern painting

plastic pattern painting

It’s so easy to have hours of fun with this plastic pattern painting project.
These crafts for kids are easy and are a hit with kids of any age.
Ruva and Ano both enjoy painting and filling in the spaces on their paintings.
We used old cereal boxes because they are stronger.
A little preparation is needed before you start.
Use sellotape or any tape that you can remove easily after the paint has dried.
Make ‘patterns’ across your boxes by placing the tape in lines that suit you. Be as creative as you like.
Get your paint pots and start painting!

If you have a little one who is still in the stage of eating all the paint why not make edible paint with our delicious recipe? You can find it in this video
Edible paint for babies | Porridge paint pots

Have fun creating!

STEM activities – How to make a plastic pattern painting

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