Edible paint for babies

edible paint for babies

This is a great video if you have a little one around and you just don’t know what to give them when it comes to painting day.
If you have struggled to find edible paint for babies there is a reason for that… it’s impossible to find something non-toxic that says as much on the package. Trust me I tried!
So we came up with this fun alternative that suits Mommy and Vongai very well.
Vongai is in that phase of eating her way through the world. So using the same paint as Ano just wasn’t working. So we came up with this great easy recipe to make painting day fun and baby-friendly! Not only that it’s a great activity that the whole family can get into.
Please share your tips and experiences with finding baby-friendly paint and any other recipes you might have on our social media!

Edible paint for babies | Porridge paint pots

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