Godo huroyi

Godo huroyi, or jealousy is witchcraft.Godo or shanje means jealousy in the Shona language of Zimbabwe.In today’s Shona story time or ngano dzeChiShona, Gogo Alice tells a familiar tale of friendship and jealousy. Taurai and Chipo had a friend called Paradzayi.Taurai and Chipo were in a relationship and decided to get married. Unfortunately their friend… Continue reading Godo huroyi

How well do you know your Shona idioms?

Do you know your Shona idioms or tsumo? On day 23 of our Shona Challenge in May we explored some tsumo from Zimbabwe.You can find the rest of the video here:Day 23 #ShonaChallenge – tsumo/ idioms in Shona language https://buff.ly/34aN41R The Shona Challenge ran from 1 to 31 May 2021It is a daily challenge to… Continue reading How well do you know your Shona idioms?

Let’s make an autumn crown

Let’s make an autumn crown together!Today we are sharing an autumn themed paper craft. We do similar crafts as well as nature collage crafts which the girls absolutely love! The autumn crown is one of those fun paper crafts to make because it’s a nice excuse to get out into nature and collect items for… Continue reading Let’s make an autumn crown

Ngano ye Mushandirapamwe

Today we are going to learn about mushandirapamwe with Gogo Alice. In Shona stories like this one that Gogo Alice is telling are called ngano. Telling stories – ngano – is one of the ways that children can learn basic Shona language quickly and easily in a fun way. Because they are curious about what… Continue reading Ngano ye Mushandirapamwe

Ruva and Nyasha at the allotment

Summer is a great time for growing produce. Join Ruva and Nyasha as they go to the allotment together. They have been helping their dad with allotment gardening, and they are making dinner today. They want to use some things from their produce for the year. Allotments are a great local council-run initiative in the… Continue reading Ruva and Nyasha at the allotment