Ruva and Nyasha at the allotment

ruva and nyasha at the allotment

Summer is a great time for growing produce. Join Ruva and Nyasha as they go to the allotment together. They have been helping their dad with allotment gardening, and they are making dinner today. They want to use some things from their produce for the year.

Allotments are a great local council-run initiative in the UK where someone can rent out a section of land to grow and produce whatever they like. You can grow edible vegetables or fruits, or you can plant flowers. It really is up to you.

Besides being a good place to further develop your green finger, allotments often have a good community spirit. People of all ages from the local neighbourhood meet and share gardening tips. Retired people have a sense of community and routine in maintaining their plot.

It’s a great place to be. Especially if you love organic produce like we do!

Ruva and Nyasha at the allotment

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