Will it magnet? Fun magnet experiments for kids

will it magnet magnet experiments for kids

Fun magnet experiments for kids

Are you looking for fun magnet experiments for kids? You will love these fun experiments that Ano and Vongai did for our Youtube channel.

We are using the KidzLabs magnet science kit that we recently unboxed. It’s okay if you don’t have one. If you have any magnet lying around it will be great for this experiment.

What we were looking to do is learn a bit more about what makes something magnetic or not. It’s a really very simple experiment. Especially because Ano and Vongai are still both so young. So we don’t want to over-complicate things.

Just to learn about different materials and textures, and start to see what the patterns are that emerge. Remember as well in general learning about patterns is great for developing mathematical awareness in toddlers. Once children start to explore and become more aware about patterns they start to further seek answers from the world around them.

The experiment

We collected a handful of items from around the house. The girls helped. You can get the kids to help you look around the house for things. It also helps them to start thinking about what things could be magnetic, talk about what the different materials in our world are, and also explore different textures in the process.

We had lots of fun in this part of the experiment!

So many stuffed toys were picked up in the preparation. But on the plus side we discovered lots about the names of materials. From plastic, to wood, to the different fabrics. We really enjoyed this part of the game.

Then it was time to line them all up and see if our magnet would pull them up.

Is there a pattern?

This was where it got exciting.

Patterns are everywhere around us. And it was fascinating to see Ano and Vongai start to find out that there was a pattern to what a magnet would attract.

Do you know what kinds of materials are magnetic?

Join in our fun experiment in our video below:

Did you enjoy our fun magnet experiments for kids?

Do you have any other suggestion for experiments we could try with STEM toys for kids? Leave a comment below and we will do it.

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