Unboxing KidzLabs Magnet Science

unboxing kidzlabs magnet science

Unboxing KidzLabs Magnet Science

Today we will be unboxing KidzLabs Magnet Science kit and Ano and Vongai will review the toys inside.

As you know we are huge fans of STEM learning for toddlers and kids. We believe that it’s never too early to get your little ones interested in STEM in a fun natural way.

Remember though to always supervise kids when undertaking any activities which may involve small objects like magnets. As a general rule it is wise to supervise all kids experiments and activities.

The KidzLabs magnet science kit does contain items which are a choking hazard.

What we did

Ano was 2 years old and Vongai was just over a year old when we did this unboxing video. We unbox and examine contents of the KidzLabs magnet science kit.
We take a look at the contents one by one and roadtest them. The girls do a bunch of the unboxing.

We then conduct some mini experiments guided by the contents of the kit. We did do more magnet science experiments after this one and you can find those on our Youtube channel.

We quite liked this kit. It’s made of really good robust materials and it withstood the enthusiastic explorations of our young scientists. Given how young Ano and Vongai were at the time we did this, we would highly recommend always overseeing any activity with this kit. There are some small bits inside the kit. There are also rods that could be a hazard for kids.

We are always on the lookout for fun and easy toys that have a wide range of possibilities and are suitable for two young ladies with different interests and capabilities. If you have any toys or science kits you would like us to review in the realms of STEM for kids under 7 please comment in the box below and we’ll look out for it.

If you liked the review of the KidzLabs Magnet Science kit and would like to buy one for yourself you can find it here:

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