Ngano – Gudo anochenjedzawo Tsuro

ngano gudo anochenjedza tsuro

Gudo anochenjedzawo Tsuro. Don’t you just love our Tsuro naGudo stories?
In today’s story Hare plays a cheeky trick on Baboon and his family. He invites Baboon for a feast, but just before they arrive the sneaky Hare burns all the grass surrounding his hut. He tells Baboon that in order for Baboon and his family to join the festivities their feet must be clean.

Hare thinks he has bested Baboon until Baboon decides that Hare deserves a taste of his own medicine. What Baboon comes up with is even more cheeky and has Hare admitting that he shouldn’t have been such a bad friend after all.

Find out what happened in this ngano from Sarura Kids today!

Stories are also a good way of teaching life lessons in a fun way. They are creative and can be tweaked to suit the child who is listening to them. Try telling your kids a story today and see if they can relate it to their world!

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Ngano | Gudo anochenjedzawo Tsuro | Shona storytime

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