Ngano – Bere anorwisanisa Shumba na Gudo

gogo alice ngano bere anorwisanisa shumba na gudo

Bere anorwisanisa Shumba na Gudo. Godo chinhu chakawoma.
Hyena makes Lion and Baboon fight. Envy is a very dangerous thing.

When Lion is looking for someone to look after his children, Hyena is jealous that he picks Baboon. Hyena thinks he would do a better job himself so he sets about proving that Baboon is not the best one for the job. But has he gone a step too far?

How do you think this story ended?
Find out what happened in this ngano from Sarura Kids today!

Stories are also a good way of teaching life lessons in a fun way. They are creative and can be tweaked to suit the child who is listening to them. Try telling your kids a story today and see if they can relate it to their world!

Ngano | Bere anorwisanisa Shumba na Gudo | Shona storytime

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