Look inside My Zimbabwe coloring in book

look inside My Zimbabwe coloring in book

It’s time for our My Zimbabwe coloring in book look inside! You can purchase the print version on this link

or simply search for “My Zimbabwe coloring in book”

We’ve been having tonnes of fun creating this book so you can see all the wonderful things we love about Zimbabwe.
It is a labour of love, and has been a community effort of suggestions and input. The result is these 54 images – many of them hand drawn – that show a bit about Zimbabwe and some of the things we love about it.

The images reflect the people, the wildlife, the day to day, as well as our all important flame lily and Zimbabwe bird.

There are so many things in there that we know you will love!
Can you correctly identify all the things in our coloring in book?

My Zimbabwe coloring in book look inside

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We hope you enjoy this video as well as other videos. We love creating them for you.

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