How to say please in Shona

may 19th how to say please in shona

How to say please in Shona

Learn how to say please in Shona right here. We post regular short Shona phrases so check back regularly for more details.


as a singular word


Please may I?”

requesting something


Please may you?”

asking someone to do something

Ndinokumbirawo kuti u…

Now let’s use those in a couple of examples shall we?

Please may I go to town”

Ndinokumbirawo kuenda ku dhorobha

May I please have some water?”

Ndinokumbirawo mvura

May you please give me some water?”

Ndinokumbirawo kuti undipewo mvura

May you please open this door for me?”

Ndinokumbirawo kuti undivhurirewo musuwo/gonhi

Door can be both musuwo or gonhi as you see in our video below.

If you have any phrases you would like us to translate from English to Shona then leave a comment below and we will post it as a Shona Phrase of the Day on our site.

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