How to make edible paint for babies

how to make edible paint for babies

Check out our edible paint for babies recipe.
This was made when Vongai was about a year old and she was processing the world through her mouth.
So we needed an alternative for sensory play days.
This recipe is made using cornmeal or hupfu. You can add milk to it for an extra calorie boost for your growing little one. You can serve up this sensory play treat from 6 months old when your little one is ready for solids.
You can add food colouring of your liking to change the colours if you are using this for painting projects
Sensory play is so important for little ones – even though it is super messy! It helps in the development of language, cognitive growth, fine as well as gross motor skills, problem solving skills, as well as encouraging social interaction.
This all helps in the development of neural pathways which help your little one tackle more complex tasks.
Please share your tips and experiences with finding baby-friendly paint and any other recipes you might have on our social media!

Edible paint for babies recipes | Sensory play ideas

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