Day Seven Shona Challenge – 5 Zimbabwe Facts

5 Zimbabwe facts

Welcome to day 7 of our #ShonaChallenge!
Today Gogo Alice is going to share 5 facts about Zimbabwe with you.
Did you know about these?
Zimbabwe is a beautiful country full of culture and natural beauty. With an average sunlight of 7.51 hours per day, it is a great holiday destination.

Learn more about Zimbabwe and one of the languages here on Sarura Kids. Shona is widely spoken and we give you handy phrases to get conversations started and get you around the country. Our videos are great for kids, adults refreshing or learning Shona, friends of Zimbabweans, or travellers to Zimbabwe. Or if you are a polyglot, why not dive into this inspiring language today?

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Day 07 #ShonaChallenge – 5 facts about Zimbabwe with Gogo Alice

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