Day Eight Shona Challenge – Learn a Shona nursery rhyme

learn a shona nursery rhyme

It’s time to learn a Shona nursery rhyme!

Welcome to day 8 of our #ShonaChallenge!
How are you getting on with the challenge so far?
Remember this competition is open to the whole family so make sure to invite a friend to take part with you.

Today Gogo Alice is going to sing Kachembere kegudo – an old Baboon grandmother.
This is a brilliant song that kids love singing. It has great actions and you get a fun chance to ‘baboon’ around as you do the walk and dance.
It’s a beautiful song. Sing along with us today.

Have you done our Shona challenge? It’s open to the whole family. We’d love to see your videos online. Just tag us and we will retweet or repost you on social media

Want to take part in the 30 day challenge? Then send us a video 2 days in advance and we will include you in the Youtube video.
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Day 08 #ShonaChallenge – learning a Shona nursery rhyme

All the videos for the Shona challenge are on this page. Check them out!

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