How to say no in Shona

may 20 phrase of the day how to say no in shona

How to say no in Shona

There are several ways in which you can say no in Shona. We will explore some of the core ways in which you can say variations of the word no.

Then we will explore some examples of sentences in which you can say no.






No thank you”

Aiwa waita hako

Now let’s explore some examples where you might use the word no or variations of ways you might have to say no.

No I don’t want that one.”

Kwete, handisi kuchida ichocho.

No I would never do that.”

Aiwa handingambozviite izvozvo.

No that’s not possible.”

Aiwa hazviite.

No I can’t.”

Aiwa handikwanise.

No maybe another time.”

Aiwa pamwe imwe nguva.

No not today.”

Bodo, kwete nhasi.

So those are some of the ways you can say no in Shona. We hope you found these useful. If you have any phrases you would like us to translate from English to Shona then leave a comment below and we will post it as a Shona Phrase of the Day on our site.

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